4 Tips For Driving In The Rain Safely

Losing control of your car while driving in the rain can be a terrifying experience for anyone. Year after year, the rain causes a number of accidents on the road and with rainy months ahead of us, it is important to drive with extra caution. Here are a number of driving tips to help improve your safety:

  1. Wet roadways present drivers with unique challenges including low visibility, longer braking distances, reduced traction and less control, making it even more important to drive safely. Under no circumstance should you ever feel pressured into travelling quickly because another driver has decided to act foolishly behind you. This is a sure way of causing an unnecessary car accident, whilst putting you and your passengers in danger!
  2. Did you know that when driving in the rain a car’s stopping distance is increased by a factor of two? Whilst on wet roads it’s imperative to reduce your speed to give yourself that extra time with which to react, proving the difference between you safely braking and colliding with the car in front.
  3. The rain will undoubtedly fog up your windows, so we strongly advise you to turn on both your front and rear window demisters to help clear the screen. This will help to improve your visibility at a time when the raindrops could be splashing frantically against your car.
  4. Before you know it, what was once a sunny sky can quickly become a scene of dark clouds. When the weather conditions do decide to change and the rain begins to pour, it’s important to react accordingly. Make sure you know where the windscreen wiper controls, the demister, air conditioner or fan is located before you set off.

Many drivers have been left requiring car accident repairs where they have driven too quickly in the rain. Remember to always give yourself more time to travel so that you can drive at a slower speed. As a result, you will reduce your chances of aquaplaning, increase your stopping distance and give yourself more time to react.

Despite all of these things you do to ensure you and your vehicle’s safety, car accidents do unfortunately take place, leaving you in need of a vehicle repair. Therefore, it is our job, at The Bodyshop, to ensure that your car is returned to the road as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you’ve been unfortunate enough to have experienced an accident, by all means please get in touch with a member of our highly qualified technicians today. We’d be more than happy to help!

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