Common Maintenance Mistakes

Are you guilty of mistreating your car? Whether by accident or ignorance, the following car maintenance mistakes are bad habits and oversights that can be easily rectified. Between them you’ll realise that all vehicles will require upkeep to ensure a longer life. Besides the obvious cost implications, we all have life obligations that can sometimes prevent us from having time to preserve our vehicles. To help you prioritise and plan, here is a list of car maintenance mistakes that can be easily avoided.

sam 1Don’t get us wrong, your oil level is critical and should never be ignored. Too often, though, drivers will check their oil levels without paying too much attention to other fluids. You can get away without checking your brake fluid, coolant, transmission fluid, and washer fluid every time you fill up – just don’t press your luck too much beyond that. Obviously, however if you have enough time check each of the fluid levels to see if they lie in between the minimum and maximum markings on the side of the bottle.

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Any respectable man owns more than one pair of shoes (a different pair for an alternative occasion). Yet when it comes to maintaining your car, we find that drivers expect too much from their single season tyres. Where we live in a country that can change in temperature and weather, it is worth investing in a pair of winter and summer tyres. You’ll find that your cars traction and traction will noticeably improve. Likewise we will often avoid checking the air pressure of our tyres once they have been fitted. Looks can be deceiving. Even when a tire appears to be properly inflated, they could be low on air. It is important to check your tire pressure as often as possible as this can have a large impact on your fuel economy. It’s as easy as running over a pothole. Thus it is always best you check your tire pressure as you never know when you might be running low.

Please don’t be the dimmest light in your car. It’s no good to ignore any burnt out bulb, whether that the front, flanks, rear or inside light. If the aesthetics of your car don’t bother you then please consider the safety issues and eliminate this common mistake.

It can be easy to ignore the engine light. The light comes on and initially your car seems to be operating as it normally would so you decide to ignore it. However it sam 3could well be the case that other things come up and you decide to continue putting the problem off, yet you’ll find that one day your car could break down. As difficult as it may be to find the time to have your vehicle seen to by us, it really is best to have is checked over as soon as possible as the longer you wait the higher the cost could be for a repair.

As motor oils and car engines have advanced dramatically over the last decade

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, it may not be necessary to change your oil every 3,000 miles – instead we advise that you change your oil every 7,800 miles.  This is great news as it means less time and

money spent changing over your oil. However, this does not mean that oil changes can be skipped. In order for your vehicle to operate properly it needs oil and without it, the engine will seize up and die. This could prove to be incredibly costlysam 4as this will mean that your entire engine will have to be replaced. If the oil is left in your car for a long period of time, the oil will begin to break down, as a result this can damage your part of your engine that needs to be lubricated and cooled.

It isn’t ever easy going from sprint to dead stop instantly and your car brakes will agree. When you make every stop a panic stop, you are putting incredible stress on the components of your brake system. The callipers, fluid, pads and rotas will all wear or worsen a lot soon if you slam on your brakes with little or no warning. If you can help it, I recommend braking gradually and over a longer period of time.

The most common car maintenance mistake is when people avoid taking their cars to a garage and having it looked over. A familiar misinterpretation made by drivers is that they believe avoiding a mechanic will save them time, money and hassle. I can assure you thought that this will only make the issue worse and much more expensive in the long term. Here at the Bodyshop, we have been repairing cars since 1985 and are still going from strength to strength. Our team of mechanics and technicians are incredibly experienced and have always placed emphasis on the quality of our service. If you require us to carry out any work on your car, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at the garage.

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