Car Repairs that you simply shouldn’t DIY – Part Two

The second instalment on repairs you simply shouldn’t DIY. Here are a few issues that you may be tempted to fix yourself although it isn’t recommended.

Ferrari Marenello (2)

Ferrari Marenello Repairs

The Bodyshop usually has a restoration repair hidden away in a corner and at the moment it happens to be an accident damaged Ferrari Marenello.

Car Repairs that you simply shouldn’t DIY – Part One

Some DIY car repairs simply need to be left to the experts. Here are a couple of examples and the reasons why.

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Here is the Bodyshop Ilford’s guide to the SMART repair technique for cars. Have you any damage such as minor dents, scratches or scuffs? If so this could be the method for you.

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Prepare yourself for a long car journey with our tips. We will tell you how to be safe on the roads, and get to your destination with no hiccups along the way.

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With constant evolving and more expensive technology, we are seeing more car theft than ever. To make your car isn’t stolen in 2017 take a look at our tips.

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Buying a “classic” car often ramps up the value on said vehicle, but how can we truly define what is and isn’t a “classic” car? Bodyshop discusses how.

Give Your Vehicle a New Look for the New Year

You know what they say, New year, new… Car? Is your car in need of some repairs or modifications? Find out here what BodyShop can do