Bumper repairs and Paint Scratch Removal

Bumpers can be costly if they require replacing. However at our workshops in IG Ilford Essex, we are equipped to repair and paint plastic parts at a fraction of the cost. look at the advantages:

*We colour reference the manufacturers original paint code and guarantee a match.
* We paint your vehicle in a low bake oven, this is a controlled and filtered environment.( See below)
* Paint and textured finish.
* Ideal for paint chips, bumper scuffs and scratches.
* Your car spends less time off the road.
* Experienced and trained technicians.
* Cost effective.

(We DO NOT paint your damaged vehicle outside your premises, humidity, dust and temperature are all factors that need to be considered before even a coat of paint is applied. Manufactures warrantees have strict specifications and painting on your doorstep, although convenient, is not one of them)

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