Car Tracking System Essex

Vehicle theft is on the increase so why not make it difficult for thieves by fitting a vehicle tracking system. Look at the advantages and costs.Real time tracking – call the unit, it hangs up and texts back the vehicle location.Call 0208 500 9228 for details.We fit them to our Bentleys !

• Real time polling – can be configured to send a location report every 30 seconds.

• Speed monitoring – Set the limit onto the unit, when the vehicle exceeds that limit, you get a message notifying you.

• Geo fencing – If the vehicle strays from a pre-defined area the unit will send you a notification

* Simple to operate

* Small and Discreet

* 260 hours standby time

* Accuracy to within 50 meters

* No monthly commitments and no monthly subscription charges.

* 12 Month warranty

Supplied with:

Mains charger : 2 Batteries : Car hard-wire kit

This product is truly versatile and can be moved from vehicle to vehicle. It is paired with your phone and you can choose to have up to 4 other users for this unit.

Available from only £89.00 inc vat


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