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Preparing Your Car for The Summer Sun

Our team of Bodyshop technicians have really enjoyed the last few days of sun; which have brought with it the welcome reminder that summer is on it’s way.

Wheel alignment in Ilford

Wheel Alignment, which is occasionally referred to as tracking, is the method of confirming that the wheels of your vehicle are set to their best position as instructed in the specifications for the make and model. Wheel alignment is required for all vehicles including cars and vans of all sizes, at some point.

The Bodyshop Talks – How to Spot a Bad Paint Job

Here at The Bodyshop, Ilford, we often have customers coming to us with bad paint jobs, pleading with our team to fix the mistakes that have been made. These problems can occur when other garages have tried to cut corners leaving you with pealing and cracking paint on the surface of your vehicle.

The Bodyshop Talk’s – Keep Safe During National Family Safety Week

We are still in national ‘Family Safety’ week and so naturally this means that it’s time to think about a vehicle check. You and your family will be constantly travelling in your car this summer, which makes you responsible for their safety, which can’t be taken lightly.

Bank Holidays Repairs

May is right around the corner and with the sun finally peeking out from behind the clouds (especially considering we’re in the UK) you will want to be out and about as much as possible catching every ray!

The Bodyshop Talks: Spring Cleaning

It’s Spring! And we all know what that means… it’s time to spring clean! Now at the first mention of spring-cleaning, I bet you thought I meant cleaning in, out and around your home.

The Stress That Car Accidents Can Cause

April is officially stress awareness month. Experts nationwide are working towards raising awareness for stress, the causes and cures that we deal to tackle the symptoms many suffer on a daily basis.

Don’t Be a Fool This April, Repair Your Car Today!

Image is critical. Whether it’s for work, social, or personal life! Unfortunately, no matter where you are going or what you are doing, people are constantly making snap judgements. There is one thing that a lot of image-conscious people tend to miss… and that is your car!

The Importance of Paint Matching.

There is nothing worse than your car taking a bit of a bashing and ending up with not only a dent but scratched paintwork. The Bodyshop can help!

Easter – Hop on down and fix your dent!

Did you know that a staggering 59% of impact dents and scratches take place in supermarket car parks?