Common Causes of Car Paint Damage

Despite the fact that your vehicle’s paintwork is now manufactured using advanced technology, naturally the environment can begin to test its durability, resulting in fading and cracking. Even though there are steps you can take to help extend your paints lifespan, most causes of paint damage are sadly unavoidable. Here are a few to watch out for:When your car is regularly exposed to fluctuations in temperature, the paint will expand and contract. Overtime, this will result in small cracks forming along the paint’s surface, which allows the infiltration of moisture, salt and other chemicals to cause rust and rapid deterioration of the paint. To overcome such an issue there are procedures you can put in place to keep your car cool.

Believe it or not, bird droppings can have a detrimental effect on your paintwork. For years, motorists were informed that the droppings contained an acid, which eroded the paint. However, this doesn’t appear to be the case anymore. Instead the paintwork will mould itself around the bird dropping’s texture, where the paint’s varnish warms, softens and expands in the summer sun before cooling again overnight. Therefore, it is important that you still act quickly and remove these messes as soon as they occur.

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Britain’s roads can be notoriously harsh on your car. Whether a road has been laid recently or appears un-surfaced, driving along it at high speeds can cause stone chips. Aside from the obvious damage, if this is not dealt with efficiently you could leave openings to the paintwork, which can contribute to paint degeneration overtime. Therefore, I recommend driving very slowly to limit any possible damage.

With another wet winter behind us, more and more people will be looking to make the most of this weather to clean their cars. Therefore it’s very important to use high quality cleaning products, which aren’t going to leave an unsightly blemish. Likewise, avoid rubbing your car down using a dirty cloth, as the dirt particles can scratch your paintwork and leave marks. Instead, remove any existing dirt by rinsing your car beforehand, using a jet wash, and remember to clean your cloth as you go.

As aforementioned, I have only named a few common causes of paintwork damage. If your car has unfortunately picked up a scratch, scrape or scuff, our professional technicians can conduct a high quality scratch repair. So get in touch with a member of our team at the bodyshop today on 020 8500 9228.

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