Crash Repairs are our forte, but we can’t repair you!

You are driving down a twisty, slippery, nasty country lane at night… the kind of one that you tend to avoid unless it is completely necessary.

There are no street lights and you are entirely dependent on your headlights to see anything which comes even close to your car. You are driving at 30mph, so if someone suddenly comes around the corner you have enough time to stop to avoid the inevitable crash repair that waits for you.
There is a sudden screech as you hastily slam down your breaks to avoid that car of idiots that have come wildly swinging around the corner.
You are okay! You are safe. But you aren’t happy, and you’re more than a little shaken up, no need to take your car in for a crash repair today, thank goodness.

So what do you do? It’s at least 10 minutes to the next motorway with the safety of the lights and set lanes.

Scenario one: It is very tempting to continue on your journey despite the recent mishap, and you figure that it is very unlikely to happen again, so you continue driving, round and around the curly, crazy bends with ‘motorway, motorway, motorway’ beating in your heart…

No,no no! You weren’t expecting that at all, and due to being previously shaken-up and exhausted from the long hours of driving you’ve already done, your reactions weren’t quite so quick.
It’s like an over-exaggerated part of an action movie, like The Matrix when time almost seems to stand still. You are an angel at your own death tapping on the window of the car as it rolls along the motorway before finally coming to a complete stop.

Scenario two: the desire to get home is even more eminent now that you came close to disaster, but you stop, and think…

‘Would I rather pull into the little ridge on the edge of the road?’ Collect your thoughts, call your family, be reassured whilst taking 10 minutes to pull yourself together and then drive home safe, with a minimal chance of colliding and having to have crash repairs done to your car? If you ever come close to crashing, be sensible. Never drive shaken up, never drive tired and never drive with uncertainty.

We specialize in crash repair, but we can’t repair you.

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