Do you require dent repair? Read our top tips to avoid any unnecessary dents

mercedes (33) (Medium)You are a good, careful driver and your car is your pride and joy. You wouldn’t dare put it at risk, right? Well, we hate to tell you this but there are so many different ways that you could scratch scrape or damage your vehicle that not even the best drivers in the world could avoid. Although we are here to help, here are a couple of risky situations we all face most every day, which could leave you requiring a dent repair.

More often than not, a customer will come to us complaining that the person parked next to them failed to realise how close they were before throwing their door open, leaving a minor dent in the side of their beloved motor. Either that or someone tried to take the most direct route through the car park – even if that meant squeezing between two cars – with an overloaded trolley, which of course had a wobbly wheel sending it directly into your waiting vehicle. Rightly so, you’re probably thinking to yourself that neither circumstance was the driver’s fault however there are ways to limit the chances of this happening.

When parking your car, you should avoid settling for just anywhere so that you have a space. Instead, try finding a spot away from other parked cars and the shop entrance. Even if it means walking slightly further, or you could be leaving yourself vulnerable to spending a lot of money before you’ve spent anything on your shopping.

When you get home, where do you park your car? On the road? On the drive? Or in your garage? Sadly, there will always be some kind of risk wherever you choose. The key is to be smart about where you park. The obvious option will be to park it inside. Having said that, there still needs to be enough room in your garage to fit your vehicle in comfortably whilst being able to move around it. Many garages are pretty tight, so if your not careful you could end up scratching your bodywork with a zip or buckle when trying to squeeze in between the car and wall.

This doesn’t mean to say that you should start acting paranoid however. If the worst does happen and your vehicle gets damaged, the bodyshop has your back. As specialists in bodywork repair, our technicians will pay attention to your car, even when the person pushing the trolley or throwing their car door open failed to do so. With 30 years experience, we can guarantee you the highest quality scratch and dent repair.

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