Figaro Car Repair


At the time of writing the Figaro has a somewhat cult status, being relatively rare about 20.000 being made but also within the budget of most car enthusiasts. The car is based on the Nissan Micra, also having Micra running gear. They tend to “rot out” along the sill panels, boot floor, and rear arches. We hand fabricate these parts to fit and repairs are unseen. The quirky double boot lid also has its moments with the tin-worm but again except in the worst cases can be remedied. This particular Figaro was custom coloured to the owners spec, we call the colour “Cola”. It is a two pack clear over base,very durable and when the sun hits the bodywork it sparkles like a diamond. We are colour coding the trim for the owner and these pics will be added at a later date as will pictures of the completed vehicle. We hope you like it.

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