Getting your Vehicle Repainted at The Body Shop

Britain’s roads can be notoriously harsh on your vehicle’s paintwork, with stones and various other small shrapnel often responsible for causing chips and scratches over your vehicles body work. Simple use and age can also result in faded paintwork and sun spots appearing at various points across your vehicle. Furthermore, if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident and require body work repairs, you will need to consider having your new panels re-sprayed and fitted so that it all ties nicely with the rest of the vehicle. Our technicians at the Bodyshop specialise in repainting damaged or faded cars to a supreme standard.

Here at the Bodyshop, we use Three Stage Pearl paint to give your car a stunning finish, and for the best results we oven bake your cars at a low temperature. With anything, we find that consistency is the key to getting the ideal finish; each coat needs to be light and even. By applying more coats, we are able to build a colour that provides good depth and looks sublime. Our low bake ovens are highly filtered to protect the environment from harmful paint gases and specially designed to create a stable atmosphere for spraying cars. The filters also ensure that any particles in the air are captured, we are able to produce a dust free, crisp and deep glossy finish. As well as filtration, the ovens are also designed to maintain a constant air temperature whilst spraying your car.

The Three Stage Pearl paint process begins with a thorough sanding and panel de-greasing; this is an essential part of the routine if the subsequent paint layers are to lie correctly and smoothly. Our team will then apply the first coat of paint, known as the ground coat. This is vital as the overall image of the finished vehicle will depend on its careful and even application.

We then apply the mid-coat or base-coat, which is either pearl or metallic paint.  The more coats we apply will make the effect more intense. Each time we apply the paint, we must ensure that it is sprayed accurately, like the previous coat, with an even fan pattern, distance, pressure and wetness. The more coats of paint we apply, the darker the final colour will be.

The final stage of the paint application is known as the lacquer or the top coat, which seals the colour and adds a final, more durable finish. Today we use ultra hi-solids to obtain to obtain a thicker build layer in fewer applications.

If your car has experienced damage to its paintwork for any reason, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately to find our team of trade professionals can help restore your vehicle to it former condition and beyond.


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