How can you tell if your car needs re-painting?

It’s important to always take great care of your car. When considering a cars value and age, many people determine its worth based upon its appearance and much of it’s appearance lies within its paintwork. A good paint job can add value to your vehicle and make it far easier to resell. So lets talk about what you must look for when deciding if it is something you need to do?


  • Fading

Fading is one of the most common reasons why people have cars completely repainted. You can tell if the paint on your car is fading when it looses its richness.
One-way of showing your vehicle has faded badly is by comparing your car against previous photos taken of your vehicle or photos available online. If your car has faded to this degree it will lack a reflective shine. When paint is exposed to weather conditions, such as the sun or snow, it can cause the tint to worsen overtime. As a result, I recommend that you have your car professionally waxed at least four times a year. As black cars are more sensitive to fading, I recommend that you get them waxed at least 6 times a year.

  • Peeling

It is typically the case that your vehicle begins to fade before it begins to peel, yet if you still see areas of your car where the clear coat is coming away from the base coat; it is time for a paint job. Usually signs of peeling include, having highly discoloured areas, bubbles in your paintwork and chips.

  • Severe scratches

Severe and numerous scratches can also be an indication of whether your car needs to be re-painted. Car accidents, juvenile behaviour, poor parking and everyday mishaps are all common causes for scratched paintwork and dents. Here at the Bodyshop, we are able to buff out some scratches with a high speed polisher. Other scratches are so deep that buffing could not remove them. A useful way to tell if the scratch is deep enough is to wet your finger and rub over the scratch, if it disappears briefly, there is a chance the scratch can be saved. Otherwise, if it does not disappear, the paint may have to be re-applied in that area.

If you notice that your vehicles’ paintwork is fading, peeling or has severe scratches, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to find out how our team of professionals can help to restore your vehicle to its former condition.

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