How to keep your car from overheating

Many people have issues with their car overheating, especially during the summer months. Posing the question: how do you avoid your car overheating?

The short answer, replace your car battery every 3-5 years. As essential car parts age, a higher strain is placed on their regular function and aspects of the engine that were in perfect functioning order can decay, causing damage to other areas of the car if preventative measures aren’t taken.

Secondly, place coolant in your radiator instead of water now that summer is here. Having a spare bottle of radiator coolant in your car at all times is sound advice, just in case your vehicle does overheat. Also have your radiator checked to ensure that there are no signs of corrosion.

Thirdly, make a habit of checking your temperature gauge, and if you do see that the dial is getting closer and closer to your cars dreaded red zone then immediately turn off your air conditioning and open the windows to cool off. If the dial continues to creep closer into the danger zone then put your heater up to full. I know it sounds crazy but it works! It transfers the heat away from the engine and might just be what your engine needs to cool down.

These tips are sure-fire ways to minimize the risk and even avoid your car over heating but unfortunately despite the efforts of the safest, most knowledgeable driver on the road these things can still happen. If your car does over heat, pull over when safe. If you do have to continue driving for a while, keep at a steady pace. Also try turning your engine off, then straight on into ignition. If it is possible for you to pull over, do not open the radiator pressure cap until the engine has cooled down sufficiently (this takes approximately 30 minutes). Do however leave the hood open to allow it to cool down quicker.

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