Keeping your car paintwork up to scratch at the bodyshop

Is your car’s paintwork looking a little under the weather? Here at the bodyshop, we want your vehicle to look its very best for the summer, which is why we apply polish after every paint job to restore its gloss and depth, extending its life as a result.

Polishing is a step that is often neglected and overshadowed by waxing, but is by far the most beneficial phase in maintaining your car’s pristine appearance. So why is it overlooked as a form of car care? Well we reckon it is because you’ve never really understood its true purpose, which is why we feel it’s worth discussing its importance:

Polishing really helps to maintain and extend the life of your paintwork by one, removing dirt too stubborn for a general car wash; two, removing paint that has aged and begun to peel; three, smoothing out any scratches and swirl marks, which can really stand out on dark coloured paints; and four, conditioning the paintwork so that it doesn’t dry, crack and peel.

Audi Q7

Swirl marks, water spots and oxidised paint all show signs of neglected paintwork and is an indication that you need to get your car polished. After a hard tap’s been used to rinse your car, water spots will start to form if left to dry off naturally. The spots themself contain calcium carbonate, or limescale as it is commonly known, as well as other evaporate salts which can begin to eat away at your car’s paintwork. The longer this is left to harden, the tougher it will be to remove.

At the bodyshop we recommend that you bring your car into us to polish twice a year to keep it’s appearance up to scratch. We have state of the art equipment at our disposal to ensure that we do the best job for you. After applying the polish, we will begin to work it into the surface until it nearly disappears, before wiping it off with a clean, cotton towel. It’s important to apply a consistent level of pressure when polishing so that the best results are delivered.

It doesn’t matter what vehicle you own, we have been restoring all makes and models since 1985. If you would like further evidence of where we have delivered a quality service, why not check out our online reviews. Alternatively, you can book your car in for a paint job and polish today – we look forward to hearing from you.

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