Nissan Silvia Drift car repairs Ilford Essex

We are what you might call a traditional Bodyshop. We cover most if not all bases, we replace panels, we repair panels, we undertake full and partial resprays, we fit bodykits, we align chassis, we weld, we make parts when they are no longer available, we take out annoying little parking dents with PDR (paintless dent removals) and SMART repair methods. We also restore vehicles back to their former glory. We also enjoy the interest that many of today’s motorist has in his/her car, it is no longer just a means of transport, there is an active desire to enhance and maintain the looks of said vehicle.Much of this interest is generated by films such as Fast & Furious and the many (some are awful and downright misleading) car orientated TV programmes. Recently we completed a full repair and colour change to a Nissan Silvia, seen in fast & Furious as a “Drift” car. The original colour was a dull grey metallic and the owner made his mind up that the car was going to stand out from the crowd with a pearlescent colour change. I must admit that when the choice of colour was decided upon I was not quite sure, now the car is finished and fitted up I think, as do many other customers that it looks outstanding. We have lovingly called the car Kermit.

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Nissan Silvia Colour Change & Repairs


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