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Vehicle Enhancements

We are experienced in car repair and ensure our professional approach extends to our aftercare which will protect your vehicle and enhance your motoring enjoyment.
Car Protection: Body Film. Using high-grade urethane our body film is almost invisible yet protects vulnerable areas against stone chips and road debris. Stretch marks, dimples, lifting, silvering, and wrinkles all determine whether or not the protection film is visible on a vehicle, (especially on darker coloured paint.) Our extensive experience gives an end-result of near flawless installation that does not alter the vehBody Coating:Our body coating contains P.T.F.E which protects your paintwork from acid rain, traffic film and gloss drop.
This is unlike wax polish which contains silicons and is soft and non-durable. During the day it heats up and softens, later cooling and re-hardening, trapping dirt in its surface causing scratching and swirl marks when you next clean the vehicle. However P.T.F.E does not soften and does not trap the dirt. It has a hard, durable lasting finish.
How does it work? Water and other oil based substances cannot ‘wet’ PTFE, and is a primary substance used in Teflon coatings. This extreme hydrophobic property is also beneficial to the bodywork of cars, not only for protection, but also a long-lasting shine. It is a two stage product; that first lines the surface of your car with a preliminary reactive pre-treatment in readiness for the second stage. The PTFE substance is applied which bonds and forms an almost indestructible diamond-hard barrier which lasts and protects.
LED LightingH.I.D Lighting High Intensity Discharge (H.I.D) headlights give a crisper, whiter light with a unique blue tinge as used in today’s latest cars. The blue tinge reduces the yellow light discharged from the headlights and increases the light on the road by 30%. H.I.D uses Xenon gas which is 5 times more efficient than halogen. They allow more light to hit the road,resulting in greater visibility for the driver both in terms of depth and range.Bentley Repairs and Conversion Specialists.

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