Paint repairs at the Bodyshop

Britain’s roads can be notoriously harsh on your vehicles paintwork with stones and various other small shrapnel often responsible for causing chips and scratches over your vehicles body work. Simple use and age can also result in faded paintwork and sun spots appearing at various points across your vehicle. Furthermore, if you are unlucky enough to be involved in an accident and require body work repairs, you will need to consider re-spraying the replaced panels so they blend in with the rest of your car! Our experts at the Bodyshop specialise in repainting damaged or faded vehicles to an unparalleled standard.

We use an oven bake finish which is a three stage system to ensure that your paint finish is a guranteed match. The process begins with a thorough sanding and panel de-greasing, an essential part of the routine if the subsequent paint layers are to adhere correctly. Our team will then apply a ground coat, which is an extremely necessary step, as the visual effect of the finished vehicle paintwork will largely depend upon its careful and even application. Consistency is everything; each coat needs to be light and even to guarantee the colour we build has good depth. The final stage comes in the form of a top coat, which seals the colour and adds a final durable finish.

If your car has experienced damage to its paintwork for any reason, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately to find out how our team of trade professionals can help restore your vehicle to its former condition and beyond.

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