PDR and SMART Repairs for Fleet and Private Vehicles


Driving a company car seems to attract a fair share of damage and your company vehicle can become a magnet to small panel dents and scratches.

In most cased the company car will be covered by a corporate insurance policy but it can still be an embarrassing conversation to report the accident damage to the transport office, especially if this isn’t the first occurrence. Prudent parking may be an answer but what if someone with less care decides to park alongside you. I’m sure that you will be familiar with the scenario: Upon returning to your vehicle your jaw drops open as you view the car bodywork damage and no one to be seen.

Now the dilemma. Before reporting the car damage incident do you need to consider if you have an excess to pay ? This could amount to more than the actual repair itself. No matter it will need to be remedied. You represent your company and you need to portray your organisation in a professional and manner, driving around with a damaged company car hardly reflects the desired image and could be potentially off-putting to prospective clients.

However there is another way, contact The Bodyshop, a long established company of some 30 years standing, approved insurance repairs and fleet repair specialist (some of the biggest high street names in the U.K. use The Bodyshop for the upkeep and bodywork repairs including PDR and SMART repairs) and of course private bodywork and car accident repairs.

For the smaller panel dents and dings a PDR is a efficient yet effective indent removal method, and as the name suggests,(Paintless Dent Removal) is carried out without the need for filling and respraying your accident damaged vehicle. Our body panel team employ specialist tooling to lift out the depression from the damaged panel and once done the previously dented vehicle is back to new. Why use The Bodyshop when I could call out a “dent removal specialist”. Good question and here is why. Many of the “dent removal” companies employ guys who have had basic to intermediate training then franchised out. The Bodyshop employ technicians who not only undertake PDR repairs they are also specialists in chassis repairs, panel replacement and a whole sphere of specialist areas to long to mention here, so a small parking dent will not faze them. Cost effectiveness ? Hardly, depending on the vehicle we are often less expensive than the “dent experts”, and with good reason, we do not have to travel from customer to customer, everything is on site with us and should the need for cosmetic paintwork be required we also have the facilities to hand with recognised and approved paint systems and low bake ovens. We do not spray in the open air as per the doorstep repairer for many reasons but saving a few pounds is not one of them.

PDR is a fast efficient way to remove small panel damage and reinstate your vehicle to it’s factory finish. Should that fail to be the solution you can be confident that we have another way, something a travelling dent guy cannot do. As previously mentioned The Bodyshop have been repairing accident damaged vehicles for 30 years, when we discuss car repairs we know our subject matter inside and out, so from a PDR or Smart repair to vehicle damage of a more serious nature you know that you are in the safe hands of a professional. Look at the gallery on our website to view the many makes and types of motor vehicles that pass through our hands. Finally should you need further convincing, why not see our Google and Free Index reviews, a true reflection from customer based experience. So next time you have a small dent call the experts.



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