Porsche 997 Angel Eyes and HiD

Porsche 997 Angel Eye

Porsche 997 Angel Eye.

The Porsche 997 Angel Eye headlight conversion works perfectly with the Hid Kit. It can be wired as a DRL (Daytime Running Light) or as a dip beam. The HiD kit comes complete with:

2 x slimline ballasts (error free)

2 x U.V, cut glass quartz bulbs (prevents premature fading of plastic lens)

Wiring and mounting kit

Available in 4300k/6000k/8000k. A Kelvin (k) is a term given to the tempreture scale. The higher the “k” the brighter the colour.

4300k  White/Yellow light

6000k  White light

8000k Blue light

No need for additional cancelling units just simple plug and play

Porsche 997 HiD  £110 plus vat fitted.


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