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Porsche Classic Conversion.

Further to The Bodyshop Porsche 996 to Porsche GT3 RS conversion a Porsche 997 to a Porsche Classic. Only 250 of these limited edition vehicles were built by Porsche and have a sale price of over £140,000, that is if you are fortunate enough to be able find one of these very exclusive Porsche.

The front bumper, rear bumper, roof skin, sill covers and the eye catching  “Ducktail” boot deck were custom designed using our own scale drawings. As you can see from the pictures we started from scratch. The twin exit rear bumper and spoiler integral front bumper are very different from those that we fitted to our Porsche GT3, the roof skin is a subtle touch that really sets the car off. The “ducktail” bootdeck took months to reach perfection, in fact we discarded the first model as we were not satisfied with its look. One of the main considerations whilst designing the “ducktail” was that the original fans and third brake light fit easily to the boot deck. All our concept designs are then “dry” fitted before any moulds are taken to ensure a good fit. Parts are available through Design 911.com.

As a summary, we began by stripping the Porsche 997 of all its body parts and interior. As the original donor Porsche 997 had a sun roof, the headlining needed removal to enable us to unpick the roof. Once this was done we re-welded a genuine metal roof skin into place and bonded our custom made skin over the top. Next the bodywork was prepared for a colour change. The whole car including the bespoke bumpers and ducktail boot lid were primed and then methodically checked for imperfections before refinishing in Porsche Classic Grey. Once painted the now Porsche Classic was hand flatted and polished to a perfect finish. The very subtle decals were added  to the bonnet,roof and bootdeck. The badges are original Porsche decals.

The brake calipers were then removed, stripped down and colour changed  to yellow before the genuine 19 inch Fuchs wheels were fitted. We have attempted in all areas to replicate the bodywork of a genuine Porsche Classic.

Some time ago we designed a control box to overide onboard computer error codes, they are simple plug and play a set was fitted before adding LED rear lights and LED daytime running lights to compliment the overall effect.

The Porsche Classic conversion for your Porsche 997 with a choice of menu…

Front bumper with integral lower spoiler

Rear Bumper with twin exhaust outlet

Roof Skin

“Ducktail” boot deck with built in third brake light

The choice of retaining original colour or colour changing .

Please call us to discuss your particular Porsche conversion.

You can click on the link and see one in action http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3K4xOgLSgtg


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