Repainting your car

What is Three Stage Pearl paint? As you can see from the images above, the material itself gives a beautiful finish that simply cannot be beaten. However it must be said that for best results application is usually achieved in a low bake oven. Consistency is a key factor, each coat needs to be light and even; applying more and more coats to build a colour that provides a good depth and looks even.

The process begins with a thorough sanding and panel de-greasing, this preparation is essential if the subsequent paint layers are to adhere correctly. We then apply a ground coat, this is necessary as the visual effect of the finished vehicle will depend upon careful and even application.

We then apply the mid-coat or base-coat, this is either pearl or metallic.  The more coats you lay down, the more intense the effect will be. Each preceding application must be sprayed precisely like the one before, with an even fan pattern, distance, pressure and wetness. Consequently the more coats we apply, the more intense the effect will be and will result in a darker final color.

The last stage of the paint application is the lacquer, sometimes known as a top coat. This seals the colour and adds a final, durable finish. Today we use ultra hi-solids to obtain a thicker build layer with less applications, thus saving oven time.


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