Rover MG Repair

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3 stage Pearl Paint repairs


What would you do without your car? Most of us take ours for granted and don’t realise how difficult our lives would be without our vehicle until it’s not there!

The Bodyshop endeavors to quickly carry out repairs on your car or van, minimising any disruption to you, whether your repair is a small dent or a scratch; private or insurance you can rely on us. 

Above you can see a Rover MG that arrived after an accident. There were scratches to the paintwork, a dented door and a dented bumper. The car repairs included repainting; which in this instance was a 3 stage pearl process, this is a specialist field that you can read about on this blog.

The vehicle was repaired at our garage in Ilford, Essex with minimal fuss and as you can see below, the end result was superb and resulted in one very happy customer who readily displays his MG at car shows across the country.

Don’t just take our word for it, have a look at our Google reviews to see what our customers think of us.


Car repair Essex, dented door, dented bumper, scratches to paintwork

MG Rover after repair. scratches to paintwork, dented bumper and dented door.




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