Send Images for Free Estimate

It seem that everybody has too little time on their hands, so when the inconvenience of your car being damaged comes into the equation you could perhaps do with a little help. This is where we come in.
Firstly, you can send images of the damage to: We will estimate your vehicle and provide a price for you to consider.You may be not be sure whether to pay for the repair yourself privately or to go through your insurance company, you may have a large insurance excess payment to take into account, maybe you could lose your no claims bonus, how will it effect my future policy payments. A bit of a minefield ? In such instances we are always happy discuss your prospective repair and use our near 30 years experience to arrive at a suitable conclusion, just call 0208-500-9228. Whichever you choose we will help you to arrive at the best option to suit you.
Secondly, should you decide that the insurance route is the one to go for we can alleviate the pressure by contacting and undertaking the necessary arrangements on your behalf. It does not matter if you are claiming from your own insurance company or a third part non-fault, all  you need do is make one phone call and we do the rest, its as simple as that. Perhaps you need a courtesy car for the repair duration, again we do all the arranging for you.
Hopefully this is a way forward should you need some advice and just like our estimates it is free of charge.


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