Teenagers, Stay Safe This Summer

road trip for teenagers

It’s that time of year again when people are starting to think of the summer and are beginning to plan their trips away. Teenagers may even be thinking about going on a mammoth road trip with their mates, but what can seem like a journey of a lifetime can also, just as easily, turn into a catastrophe. Therefore, it’s important to consider our top safety tips for an incident free road trip.

No doubt, you’ll be out partying some nights and even though there are many reasons why you shouldn’t drink, if you feel that you must, ensure that you have a plan in place. Before you head out, make sure that you know how you’re getting home, whether you’re going to call a taxi or designate a driver. Even though someone else has been tasked with getting you all home safely, take it upon yourself to limit your drinking and don’t go silly with it. If you plan before you go out, chances are, you’ll stick to that plan but if you wait until after you’ve been drinking to agree what to do, your judgement and decision-making will be clouded.

When on a night out and given the title of designated driver, act responsibly and don’t party until the end. Make sure that you leave at a reasonable time! Driving drowsy can be just as dangerous as drunk driving, your reaction times will be a lot slower and in turn you’ll be putting your passenger’s lives at risk as well as your own.

Some of you may be going away without your parents for the first time in which case there’s a chance you could get carried away with the feeling of independence – don’t! Make sure that you know what you’re consuming and in what quantities. This involves guarding your drinks as well; beverages that have been left unattended can get spiked easily, putting you over the legal limit as a motorist.

Driving for long periods of time on a motorway can be incredibly boring. If possible, share the journey with your friend. After all it’s not fair that all of the driving gets put on your shoulders – give someone else a go! Avoid losing focus whilst traveling by stopping at regular intervals to refresh or to take a short nap.

Don’t drive drunk or drugged! In all honesty this should go without saying but there are far too many cases on the roads each year because motorists have ignored this simple piece of advice. Especially, with new laws being enforced to crack down on drivers under the influence of drugs, it’s best that you don’t risk getting caught at all.

Here at the Bodyshop, in Essex, we repair cars that have been involved in accidents on a daily basis. Parents, if you feel that your child needs further practice driving safely, Pass Plus for teenagers is ideal for looking to improve their skills and drive to a safer standard. Should you need us to repair your vehicle, for whatever reason, and put it back on the road safely, get in touch with us on 020 8500 9228. Our technicians are highly experienced and take particular care in the quality of their work.

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