The Customer Has a Choice in Insurance Repairs

Many vehicle owners are given the impression by their own insurance company that they do not have a choice in deciding WHO REPAIRS YOUR CAR.

How do they do it ? Pressure is put on the owner by the insurance companies stating that the vehicle will not be inspected for an unspecified duration, your warrantee will be invalidated, if you go elsewhere you will not get a courtesy car. The list is endless.

Why do they do it ? Insurance companies have there own selected repairer, who is offering to do the job at a dicounted cost to the insuarance company in exchange for volumn of work. This is not in the interests of the vehicle owner just a money saving exercise for the insurance company.

This is known as Steering  so called because the insurance company try to steer the work into a place of their preference and not yours. However an Anti-Steering pettition was lobbied with the Government and a successfull outcome for the motorist was reached. That means You,the motorist, have a say in where your car ends up.

So next time an insurance company tries to steer you elswhere other than your preferred choice of repairer quote them following extract from the governments response to Anti-Steering…

Government response

Whilst we are aware that the majority of Insurers operate a system of preferred repairers, the majority of motor insurance policies state that the policyholder should have the right to choose the repairer to carry out the required repairs to their vehicle.  They also state that the policyholder is not obliged to use the insurance company’s appointed repairer.

Furthermore, if there is information to suggest that insurance firms are not following their policy terms and conditions in this area it would be advised that this information is passed on to the Financial Services Authority (FSA). The FSA is responsible for regulating the insurance market, and this information will be carefully considered within their risk-based and proportionate framework. The decision on whether to take any action will depend on the risks posed to the FSA statutory objectives, the quality of the evidence provided and the seriousness of the accusations.

Please also use the following link   if you would like to know more.

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