The worst car repairs ever: Part 2

Last week I wrote a scathing blog about people who have decided to take it upon themselves to repair their own cars, leaving hilarious yet downright dangerous results. I thought, therefore, it would be interesting to expand on this idea and discuss car DIY disasters that have quite honestly been taken to the next level. So without further ado, here are some outrageous DIY repairs that I must stress are not to be copied at home:

wing mirror replacement, car modificationI can assure you that this is not an adequate means of replacing your wing mirror. In my previous blog, I pointed out that a driver had decided to replace their wing mirror with a handheld mirror. Well this solution isn’t any safer. Similarly to the handheld mirror, where the sunglasses have not been securely fitted, it could quite easily fall off. In addition to this, it can become very dangerous and as a result impair your range of vision, whilst driving. Thus, you could further damage your car from scraping the side of it, which will cost you even more money where you cannot see out of your mirror properly.



headlight replacementThe light was obviously not switched on in this drivers head when he decided to replace his car’s headlamps with torches. Instead of paying between £50 and £100 for a complete headlight housing replacement he has decided to use torches! Not only is it unsafe to drive without sufficient headlights – it is illegal! What may have proved to be a cheap repair at the time could prove to be quite a costly and naïve for this driver putting him behind bars. If you are unfortunate enough to lose your headlight, take your car to a garage and get it replaced as soon as possible.




sunroof replacementWho needs a roof when you own an umbrella? This driver obviously doesn’t. I suppose they have got the right idea, however, an umbrella does keep the rain off of your head but it is not an appropriate replacement for the roof of your car. If your car already has a roof –use it!  Otherwise get it replaced! If you need a new roof, call us on: 020 8500 9228




baby seatAccording to this particular driver plastic chairs aren’t just for your garden patio. How can they honestly think that this is a safe and apt repair? It isn’t! Should this particular driver break suddenly the chair could give way and collapse from beneath them, causing them a serious injury. We’ve all seen ‘You’ve been framed’ plastic chairs aren’t very sturdy on a patio let alone in a car. Take your car to a garage where we can fit seats meant for your vehicle.



windscreen repairNow we understand that times are tough and everyone wants to repair his or her car on a budget, but using elastic bands to mend your windscreen wipers is beyond ridiculous and not exactly stretching their budget. This is not a durable or sensible fix. Eventually the elastic bands will snap or wear away and this driver will be back to square one. So why not just take your car to the garage to begin with and get your windscreen wipers replaced properly? Should it rain whilst you are driving, with your windscreen wipers in this state, you will be putting not only your own life in danger but your passengers as well. Not to mention, it is also illegal!

Nothing spells saving money more than some of these DIY fixes. However there are times when you should leave a repair to the experts. Here at the Bodyshop, we are an established accident repair centre and have been since 1985. Our technicians are experienced and extremely good at what they do. If you would like to get your car repaired by a professional get in touch with us today!

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