The worst car repairs ever!

We understand that no one enjoys shelling out money for an expensive and sometimes unnecessary car repair, especially if you suspect a shady mechanic. Yet some of these attempted repairs have left some hilarious but dangerous consequences.

car modifications, repairs, diy car repairs,Although some serious work and ingenuity has made this happen, this DIY driver has obviously never fitted a tire to their vehicle before. Instead of fitting a rear wheel they have used a trolley wheel. Hopefully, this is only a temporary fix as this motorist is treading a fine line with this addition. Not only is this a ridiculous repair but it is also fatal! It is quite evident that a wheel of this size cannot hold up the weight of a car and should the motorist break suddenly whilst driving, another car could quite easily go into the back of him. This attempted repair will get you killed!



car repairs ilford, diy car repairsIt is quite obvious that this driver got in quite a sticky situation when his bumper fell off. However, he had a brainwave by pulling out the duct tape to fix the bumper back on. This tape isn’t going to hold forever and his car would probably look better with the bumper off! To avoid running the risk of your bumper falling off and causing a severe accident pop into The Bodyshop where we can fix your bumper professionally.



car repairs, diy car repairs, car repairs ilfordOn reflection, this driver probably thought that replacing their wing mirror with a handheld version wasn’t the best of ideas. Not only does this attempted repair look cheap and vulgar, it could quite easily fall off whilst driving. In which case, it becomes very dangerous in addition to impairing your range of vision.  As a result, your chances of scraping the side of other cars or ruining your tires where you can’t see properly are heightened, which may result in costing you even more money!



fork handle, diy car repairsAlthough, this innovative solution may seem like a quicker and a cheaper repair compared to taking your vehicle to a garage – it isn’t! It may open your doors, but the manmade car door handle of a fork and an elastic band is merely a temporary fix. After a while, the elastic band will snap and this driver will be back to square one. Should the band snap whilst you are seated in the car you will find yourself in one of two situations, depending on the severity of the initial problem: 1) You’ll either become locked in your car or 2) your door could swing open whist driving causing a dangerous situation for yourself and others. If you give a fork about your door handle, call us on: 020 8500 9228



diy car repairs, I can assure you that this is not a safe method of securing your car! Not only is it feasible to pick the lock, someone could easily saw through the chain to break into your vehicle. If your insurers were aware that your car was secured this way they would not be liable. Therefore it’s in your best interests to save money in the long term and get your car fitted with a secure system by taking your car down to The Bodyshop!



Similarly with every single one of these attempted repairs it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever get insured. Here at the Bodyshop, we are an established accident repair centre and have a number of experienced technicians that are extremely good at what they do. If you would like to get your car repaired by a professional and ensure that you don’t receive results like those above, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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