Vandalism bodywork damage

It is unfortunate but we sometimes have to repair cars that are not due to any kind of road accident, namely vandalism.
In this instance it was a new Ford Fiesta ST and someone had the intention of stealing the car. His method was to jamb a sharp instrument, probably a screwdriver or chisel, in above the handle to gain access, this literally can-opened a small section but fortunately the thief was foiled by the immobilizer system. So this left the owner to have the car repaired at his own cost or claim through his insurance. After seeking several estimates, which all involved a replacement door and inherent costs, our future customer contacted us via email and supplied images for The Bodyshop to access. The owner followed up his email with a visit to our accident repair bodyshop in Ilford, Essex, whereupon the vehicle was booked in. Although we are a busy car body repair garage we made this a priority as the vehicle, due the previous attempt was an easy target for another theft. The repairs were completed in under two days at less than half the cost of a replacement door. All our repairs are guaranteed, including the colour match. Hopefully this will not happen to your vehicle but should you be the unlucky victim of an attempted car theft perhaps we can lighten the load and put you and your car back on the road swiftly without breaking the bank. If you need further evidence of the level of service and quality of workmanship why not see our online reviews.

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