Wheel and Caliper Refurbishment

Porsche 996 to Porsche Classic

Porsche caliper refurbishment

Range Rover Chrome Finish Wheel
Range Rover Chrome Finish
Even the most looked after car is often let down by the very wheels it sits on. Flaky lacquer, grazed alloys and grimy calipers detract from the overall presentation of your vehicle. However we can remedy the situation with a  refurbishment  to either a single wheel if required, or a set of wheels and/or calipers.
What do we do?   
Wheels: Firstly the tyres are taken off and the wheels are re-cut to remove the damaged portion(usually the edges) then the original finish is removed and sanded before a matching colour is applied. The whole wheel is dealt with in this way  and looks as good at the back as it does to the front.The tyres are then refitted to the refurbished wheels, balanced with new valves.
Calipers: The braking system is drained down before the calipers are removed. The calipers are stripped and blasted to remove the old colour and refinished to your choice of colour. )This is the ideal time to renew your brake pads as the labour cost is covered by the caliper removal). The braking system is then road tested after the caliper refit and a system reset is carried out if required.
Cost: POA. call  The Bodyshop on 0208 500 9228 and we will happily discuss your requirements.

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