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We would be obliged if you could take a few moments of your time and sign the following petition. It is for the right of a customer to have the garage of their choice repair their vehicle.

A petition has been posted on the 10 Downing Street web area on the subject of steering of work by insurers and other work providers. The link is

You may like to read the details (which are summarised below) and sign up to it. As it will be weight of numbers that attracts future attention you might also encourage your staff and even your customers to sign up. BODY magazine will include an article in its February edition on this matter.

The detail in the petition reads:

This legislation is needed to ensure the vehicle body repair industry remains able to trade freely and without restrictions imposed by vehicle insurance companies and motor vehicle fleet management companies. With the vehicle body repair industry widely adopting a recognised standard there is no valid reason why consumers should not be able to use a vehicle body repairer of choice providing the repairer has achieved and maintains a recognised quality standard. In allowing vehicle insurers and fleet management companies to ‘steer’ customers the vehicle body repair industry is effectively under the control of insurers and fleet management companies. This control is detrimental to repairers through the dictation of repair methods, quality of components used, and even the supplier from whom components, paint and consumables are to be purchased. It is also detrimental to consumers as the cost of the repair rather than the quality of the repairer may ultimately lead to unsafe vehicles being used

Signing up is simple. Follow the link, fill in the form and on receipt of the resulting email follow the instructions to complete the process.

You can follow the progress of sign ups by revisiting the site from time to time and you can follow the wider picture through BODY which continues to report on VBRA direct efforts on this issue in Brussels in conjunction with our European Sister Associations in the AIRC.


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  1. John May 29, 2010 at 5:13 pm #

    I quite agree . No steering !!!!!!!!!.

    I have known the proprietor of The BodyShop for many years , He and and his staff have undertaken work on vehicles I have owned and I have always been pleased with the results .

    I made a mistake a few years ago though with one company I was insured with. I used one of their approved bodyshops instead , what a big mistake !!!!!!!!.

    Take my advice stick with a company of good repute which The Bodyshop are .