Brake caliper and wheel refurbishment, Essex

When you have scruffy looking wheels, it affects the entire appearance of your car. Alloy wheels can be an expensive item to replace and they are easily scuffed and damaged, however this can be rectified for far less than the cost of the replacement wheel.

Here at our Essex garage, we offer full alloy wheel and brake caliper refurbishment services, to ensure your wheels not only look fantastic, but are also as safe as possible when you drive away.

Alloy wheel refurbishment

No matter how carefully you drive, the very purpose and nature of your wheels means they will undergo wear and tear. More often than not, we also find that more than one or two wheels will require refurbishment.

With our alloy wheel refurbishment service, the tyres are removed and the damaged alloys are refaced and refinished to the original specification. Here at the Bodyshop, the whole wheel is renovated inside and out and returned to its factory finished condition.

Brake caliper refurbishment

Brake calipers are vital for slowing and stopping your car at speed. Over time, they will inevitably become worn, which can interfere with your car’s braking and handling. One sign of worn calipers is brake fluid leakage, which can cause decreased pressure in the system, making it more difficult to brake.

Other tell-tale signs include squeaky sounds and jerking movements when braking, or your vehicle pulling to one side, which indicates a seized piston.

Brake caliper refurbishment entails our specialists draining the braking system before removing the calipers. They are then stripped and blasted to remove the old paintwork, before being refinished to your preference.

Our specialists have over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry and will ensure you and your vehicle are taken care of from the initial consultation right through to getting you back on the road safely. If you require alloy wheel refurbishment or brake caliper refurbishmentBodyshop Garage Essex, get in touch with our Essex team today on 020 8500 9228 for a free quote.

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