Car and Van theft

So you think that your car is safe ? If they get past my alarm they will never get past my transponder key ? Wrong.

Their method is to pick your lock and obtain your key details. Next they turn up when it is nice and quiet and let themselves into your car, and here comes the clever bit…they have a small box of electronics that they plug into your data link connector and obtain information which is then fed onto their own key. They are then free to drive your car away there and then or come back at a more convenient time. This is not something from Mission Impossible, it is happening everyday.

What we do: We can also plug into your vehicle, only this time its with your permission. We now install a block into your electronics, now one can can then access your system without your prior knowledge. Absolutely stops them in their tracks.

How much ? £85.00 plus the vat for piece of mind. You can come to us here in Ilford Essex or for an additional £10 plus vat we will send a technician to your doorstep.

For commercial vans, private cars, fleet vehicle. Call 0208 500 9228 to book.

Discount for fleet owners.




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