Car Diagnostics

The car of today is like a motorized computer. ECU’s to aid efficiency and to deliver fuel accurately, air bag modules, brake wear sensors and anti-skid all these things and more providing safety and comfort. However now we have the technology fitted to our car we need to keep it up to date. Sometimes the warning light is simply because you have had your car serviced, brakes changed and you need a reset to remove the warning symbol on your dashboard. Sometimes it may be more serious such as an engine warning light. This is an all encompassing warning that should not be ignored.

Fortunately we are equipped to read most of today’s vehicle codes and once the vehicle is plugged in the warning code can be read and the problem resolved, and it may be something quite simple and inexpensive.

Before any of the aforementioned becomes an expensive issue call The Bodyshop on 020 8500 9228.


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