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Why choose a local garage for your car repairs Essex?

These days it can be hard to find a professional and reliable car garage to entrust your car repairs to. A very small minority of unscrupulous individuals have unfortunately tainted the car repair industry as a whole, however here at The Bodyshop Ilford, we are committed to providing the very best customer service from start […]


New Year, new car? How to take care of your new wheels with the Bodyshop, Essex

Getting a brand new car is hugely exciting, however many are under the impression that because it’s fresh off the factory floor, it doesn’t need as much care or attention as older vehicles. While a new car will undoubtedly cause you fewer problems, it still needs looking after to ensure it stays shiny and efficient […]


Car modifications to improve safety with the Bodyshop, Ilford

There are numerous systems and methods which can be installed into your car to improve the safety of your vehicle and make life that little bit easier. Sometimes the smallest modification can make a huge difference to your driving and safety. Here at the Bodyshop in Essex, we provide a wide range of interior modifications […]


Car repairs after an accident with the Bodyshop, Ilford

With the snow and ice covering the roads this week, there has been a surge in the numbers of car accidents and collisions, causing severe delays in many parts of the country. Being involved in an accident is undoubtedly a scary experience for any driver, however it can be particularly daunting in icy conditions when […]


Driving safely in snow and ice with the Bodyshop, Ilford

Over the last couple of weeks, the temperatures have started to plummet, which has led to frosty conditions and even snow in some parts of the country. Driving in the snow and frost can be tricky and should be avoided whenever possible, but if you do need to venture out, here are some of the […]


Alloy wheel refurbishment and car repairs, Essex

As fantastic as alloy wheels look, they take their fair share of knocks, scrapes and grazes, meaning they can soon appear worn and scruffy. Rather than paying for an entire new set of wheels, you can instead opt for a full alloy wheel refurbishment service here at our Essex garage to give a complete refresh. […]


Essex Insurance Car Repairs & When you Should Claim

Taking a knock to your vehicle or having a more serious accident can damage any driver’s confidence (and wallet!) but it’s important for motorists to step back and evaluate when it’s best to claim on their insurance and when to opt for private repairs from a trusted garage. If the damage is several thousand pounds […]


The benefits of MOT and regular servicing

Is there a particular time of year you dread financially? No, we’re not talking about Christmas. The dreaded date when your MOT is due can be extremely expensive for some (and always seems to come at the worst time), however it doesn’t have to be with regular servicing. Here at The Bodyshop, Essex we can […]


Maintenance tips to get the most from your car

When you have a car you love, you want to get the most amount of time out of it, as well as the best mileage possible. However, getting your car to last you into the 200,000+ miles bracket takes a great deal of care and attention. Here are just some of the ways you can […]


Essex car repairs with over 30 years’ experience

Entrusting a car repair garage with your vehicle can be a little daunting, especially with some of the horror stories you hear from throughout the industry. It’s important to know that you will receive a professional service from experienced repairers, so here are just some of the reasons why the Bodyshop, Ilford are the perfect […]