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Ferrari Marenello (2)

Ferrari Marenello Repairs

The Bodyshop usually has a restoration repair hidden away in a corner and at the moment it happens to be an accident damaged Ferrari Marenello.

Getting your Vehicle Repainted at The Body Shop

Britain’s roads can be notoriously harsh on your vehicle’s paintwork, with stones and various other small shrapnel often responsible for causing chips and scratches over your vehicles body work. Simple use and age can also result in faded paintwork and sun spots appearing at various points across your vehicle. Furthermore, if you are unfortunate enough […]

Alloy wheel repairs

Alloy Wheel refurbishment

alloy wheel refurb,part of our car bodywork repair programme, aside from usual paint scratch & dent removal undertaken at our Ilford, Essex based workshops.

Repainting your car

What is Three Stage Pearl paint? As you can see from the images above, the material itself gives a beautiful finish that simply cannot be beaten. However it must be said that for best results application is usually achieved in a low bake oven. Consistency is a key factor, each coat needs to be light […]

Angel Eye Headlight Upgrade

Our specially designed LED’s are of a high quality, we would use nothing 0208-500-9228 and see what we can do for you.

Wheel Refurbishment

Wheel Refurbishment

The WHOLE wheel is refurbished inside and out and are returned like new. Call The Bodyshop on 0208 500 9228

Porsche 996 to 997 RS GT3 Video

They say  a picture speaks a thousand words, if that is the case, see our video on the Porsche 996 to RS GT3conversion it will speak volumns. It will show first hand  the high standard that  the  dedicated technicians at The Bodyshop achieve on their project works. Starting with a basic Porsche 996,it is changed into a totally different animal. If […]

Porsche 996 to 997 Conversion

modification or a full conversion contact the experts on 0208 500 9228.

Range Rover DRL

DRL-Daytime Running Lights

DRL’s or Daytime Running Lights are fitted now to the more upmarket vehicles from manufacture. However more and more motorists wish to fit them as an aftermarket item. There are a variety of DRL’s on the market, but like all of our lighting products (Angel Eyes–HiD kits-DS2 and 501’s) we have taken a great deal […]

Porsche 911 Sports Classic Video

Taking a 997 as a base car we thought we would recreate the Porsche 911 Sports classic RX HOST