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Bentley Conversion To Mansory

For your Bentley bespoke conversion

Bentley Interior Upgrades Video

Bentley body and lighting conversions we can also offer interior upgrades. Bodyshop on 0208 500 9228

Porsche Angel Eye (Medium)

Porsche 997 Angel Eye Halo Headlight

Be safe and be seen with our Angel Eye Halo headlight 0208 500 9228

Porsche Angel Eye

Porsche 997 Angel Eyes and HiD

Our Angel Eye headlight conversion is the perfect compliment to the Hid kit.

Bentley headlight n.s (Medium)

Bentley GT Angel Eyes

best on the market. 66 LED’s per ring with a fitted diffuser, fit nothing less.

Bentley GT Mansory Conversion

our recent conversion was this Bentley GT. Fitted with a Mansory body kit.

Bentley Continental GT Facelift

Another Bentley GT to S/Sport conversion is soon to hit the road, Black Grilles and tinted windows,  Angel eye headlights and our metal vented bonnet.Call 0208 500 9228 for all your Bentley requirements.    

Bentley Vented Bonnet

The Bodyshop have developed a steel vented bonnet that will fit direct to a Bentley GT or GTC.

Porsche 996 to 997 Conversion

Yes it can be done ! Change a Porsche 996 to a 997 ? That just what we did. However it was not the first radical change that we have made to one of Ferdinand’s creations.Own a 996? Want to discuss a conversion? Call 0208 500 9228

Bentley Continental GT Conversion

Another Bentley Continental GT conversion begins this week at The Bodyshop. The work will include front and rear facelift and our vented bonnet. Our bespoke conversions vary from the modest Angel Eye headlight upgrade to a total facelift.