Dent And Scratch Repair

Here at the Bodyshop we know that a scratch or dent in your car can feel like a disaster. However, our experienced team can be sure to put your mind at ease with our high quality repairs that don’t have to hurt your pocket!

Recent statistics show that the common denominator in low impact dents and scratches are unsurprisingly supermarket car parks at a shocking 59%!

Furthermore, this ratio increases during the Christmas season, which whether we like it or not is fast approaching.

So what other situations are common causes of scratches and dents?


Usually the remit of teens or children this is a fairly common cause for damage, especially with the rising popularity of BMX’s or bikes with “pegs” attached, which will certainly leave a scratch in your paintwork.

 The weather

The ever-changing British weather can be an absolute pain for car owners with bad hailstones leaving dents and gusts of wind pushing objects such as wheelie bins into the side of your vehicle.


Sadly we live in a society where a very small percentage of people think it is acceptable to mark or spoil other people’s property. This is possibly the most frustrating of all causes of damage and I can safely say from experience that it is also the kind of instance that makes me angriest.
Vehicle vandalism is regrettably very common with the ‘keying’ of a vehicle and / or the slashing of tyres frequently reported to the police after a row between two people. There is of course also a substantial number of mindless occurrences in addition to this.

Other than parking in a garage there is little that can be done to avoid situations such as the three above arising. However, if you are unfortunate enough to have your car dented or scratched please do not worry. Simply call one of our helpful team for advice, assistance and an answer.

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