Do I Need to Repair or Replace my Exhaust?

A lot of us are guilty of ignoring our exhausts until they’re literally hanging off!  After all, it is just a pipe on the back of your car, right? It’s not nearly as important as most of the other components that make up your vehicle? Well that is where you are wrong. The exhaust system is one of the hardest working systems in your car. Your car’s exhaust removes a variety of different emissions produced in your vehicles combustion chamber, including carbon monoxide, nitrogen monoxide and nitrogen oxide. A fully functional exhaust system means that your car is safer for both your passengers and the environment. So with such an important part to play in the way your vehicle performs, it is vital that you ensure your exhaust is in the best condition possible. But when do you need to replace or repair your exhaust?

One of the first things you may notice should you have problem is increased noise coming from your engine, this is a sure sign of an exhaust leak. Likely locations of the leak will include the manifold and anywhere where there are joints. An engine leak at the manifold can increase the volume and possibly allow harmful fumes to access the passenger cabin putting you at risk of being poisoned by the vapours.

If you appear to use more fuel, then it is quite possibly the case that your exhaust system may be experiencing a leak. Again meaning that gases are floating inside your engine and not being carried away, subsequently your vehicle will need to work at a higher temperature and harder to keep your car moving.

If you happen to notice any unusual vibrations in the steering wheel or the gas pedal there is a good chance that you may have a pinhole leak somewhere in your exhaust system. Finding the leak could prove difficult and so we recommend that you take your car to us, at the Bodyshop, where we can examine your car appropriately.

If you notice any of these signs, do not hesitate to get in touch. We have a team of friendly, experienced and highly trained mechanics that will be able to check your exhaust system and offer practical and honest advice. If it does need to be replaced, we can also ensure a quality and reliable service at all times.


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