Essex Insurance Car Repairs & When you Should Claim

Taking a knock to your vehicle or having a more serious accident can damage any driver’s confidence (and wallet!) but it’s important for motorists to step back and evaluate when it’s best to claim on their insurance and when to opt for private repairs from a trusted garage.

If the damage is several thousand pounds worth or if your vehicle has been stolen, the case for making a claim is pretty clear cut. However, when it comes to everyday bumps and scrapes, it’s worth considering the long-term effects making a claim would have on your insurance policy.

Effects to your premiums

A recent study carried out by Which? investigated how a new claim affects premiums over a 3-year period, using quotes from five major car insurers. Collision with another car through fault of the policyholder saw a 23% increase over 3 years’ premiums, whereas the policyholder’s car being damaged by an untraceable third party means an average 14% increase over 3 years. This shows the significant effects making a claim can have on future payments.


Excess costs are one of the most common reasons for motorists to forgo a claim. The additional charges cause many to rethink going with their insurance company, when instead they can opt for a trusted local repairer to get the job done at a fraction of the price.

No claims discount

If you’re currently benefiting from a no claims discount, you should check how much you are currently saving by having it, and how much of it you would lose if you were to make a claim.


Perhaps the main drawback for claiming on insurance is all of the phone calls and paperwork that come with it. Here at the Bodyshop however, we can handle all of this for you, just one phone call from yourself and we can liaise with your insurance company from there on, if you do decide to claim.

Here at our Ilford garage, we provide expert car repairs from minor bodywork repairs to full  car restoration after an accidentBodyshop Ilford. What’s more, we provide a free collection and delivery service, as well as a recovery service for undriveable cars in the Essex and East London areas.

If your vehicle has been involved in an accident and you are unsure of what steps to take in terms of getting your car back on the road, get in touch with our friendly team today on 020 8500 9228. Our specialist technicians can advise the best course of action and provide you with a free quote.

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