Get Your Motorbike Resprayed At The Bodyshop

Here at the Bodyshop, we are just as good at carrying out repairs on a vehicle with two wheels as we are on those with four. With nearly 3 decades worth of experience in vehicle restoration, our technicians are committed to providing the very best results; transforming the most run down of motorcycles and bringing them back to their former glory.

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We appreciate how frustrating it can be to discover a paintwork blemish, which is why you should turn to us. We will fully restore your bike regardless of its condition, make or model. This will involve working on it to get rid of a scratch or repair the damage caused by a recent bump.

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident and require repairs, you will need to consider having areas of your bike resprayed so that it all ties in nicely together. Fortunately, our expert colour matching service offers exceptional results, which allows us to guarantee you the right shade every time. Quality is at the heart of everything we do and with the very best tools at our disposal, we will work continuously to achieve an outstanding finish. It’s very important for us that you leave the Bodyshop a happy customer.

Perhaps your motorbike doesn’t need repairing and you fancy sprucing it up instead? As well as being able to match your bikes original colour we are able to customise your paintwork, breathing new life into your classic motorbike. So if you think it’s missing that certain tweak to transform it into a true sports bike, bring it down to us today.

When repainting your motorcycle, we will use Three Stage Pearl paint and oven-bake it at a low temperature for the best results. With anything, we find that consistency is key to getting that ideal finish, which is why we will apply each coat light and evenly. As we apply extra coats of paint, we are able to build a colour that has more depth and looks sublime. Our low bake ovens are highly filtered to protect the environment from any harmful gasses and ensure we produce a dust free, crisp and deep glossy finish.

When it comes to bike repairs and conversions, the Bodyshop are the best around so why not check out our reviews? So don’t settle for second best! Get in touch with us on 020 850 9228 to book your motorcycle in for a restoration


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