How To Choose The Right Car

Are you considering buying a new car or upgrading your current one? With such a large range of models on the market nowadays with different features and specifications, choosing the right car to suit you might appear like a daunting task. It’s important to examine every factor carefully to your own personal needs before deciding on the type of car to go with.

Factors to consider include – number of passengers, usage (for work or pleasure) and overall comfort. To help you decide on what is the best car for you, we’ve compiled a list on some of the options available on the market:

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Saloon – This is the quintessential family car, popular amongst small families. This car focuses on comfort, with usual safety features and a degree of style implemented, though they may not carry much power, they most definitely make for comfortable and reliable rides.

Coupe – The Coupe is a two door model that is perfect for drivers looking to make a statement, with a typical sleek design, usually found on fast cars, you can be sure the car will be a head turner. The Coupe however does not have much room, so it is not helpful as a family car or for storage.

Hatchback – Hatchbacks blend sportiness with practicality, with a large boot size and a sporty design it is perfect for a younger driver looking for a spacious car that doesn’t contradict its stylish shape.

SUV – A sports utility vehicle is a great option of you are looking for a larger car with space. Many SUVs nowadays are very stylish, with a lot of legroom, perfect for families that embark on long journeys. With comfort, versatility and space the main factors considered, it is the perfect car for large groups.

Van – A van is exactly what is says on the tin. Not the most sophisticated model of car, but with a lot of available space and the front seats being ever so comfortable, these make for the perfect vehicle to transport (large) goods.

Buying a car is a big step, but it is only the beginning. It is important to maintain your car, by ensuring the interior and exterior are kept in good condition, this includes repairing any scratches and dents, as well as keeping your interior fresh. This is where The Bodyshop comes in; we are specialists in car repair and modifications and we can keep your car in top condition.

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