Independent Garages and Main Dealerships

Uh-oh something’s gone wrong. The car is making a strange sound or is showing the dreaded warning light and needs to be repaired before the situation worsens. In fact, it just happens that you’ve owned your car for a while now and it needs an MOT, service or some sort of repair. But do you take it to a main dealer or look for a local garage? There are many reasons why you should choose the Bodyshop over a main dealership:

The most obvious reason for choosing the Bodyshop is our cost effective prices as opposed to a main dealership. Where a main dealership employs manufacturer-trained mechanics that perform specific repairs on a particular make, dealerships tend to charge more money at a higher rate. It is also natural to assume that where we are cheaper than car dealerships, the quality of our work isn’t as high. However, this isn’t the case. At the Bodyshop our team of mechanics and technicians are all highly experienced and trained to deliver a service to the highest standard that exceeds our customer’s expectations. We also provide all of this at a very reasonable rate.

If you decide to take your vehicle to a main dealership, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever directly speak to the mechanic carrying out the service, MOT or repairs. Instead, it’s often the case that you’ll be liaising with the person manning the front desk. Plus, each time you take your take it to the dealers, the car is likely to be fixed by a different mechanic. At the Bodyshop, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and our mechanics are prepared to sit down and discuss the project in detail.  We are also able to build a relationship with our customers over a sustained period of time and really get to know you. At the Bodyshop, we feel that it is important to assign a mechanic to one vehicle so that when you decide to bring your car into us we are able to easily identify what the issue is.

Regardless of what car you own whether it is an Audi, BMW or Volkswagen the nearest dealership may be as far as 10 miles away. Now that might prove to be infuriating if you have to carry out the round trip every time you need to service or repair your vehicle. Whereas in comparison, you may find that we are a lot closer to your home or place of work, making it much more convenient to get your vehicle either repaired or serviced at the Bodyshop.

If you happen to own a vehicle that needs repairing, modifying or servicing then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. We have been established since 1985 and each one of our technicians are highly trained and experienced.

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