Interesting Car World Records

Have you ever wondered how long the longest car is? Or what the weight of the heaviest vehicle to be pulled by hair was? As with every other world record, they are made to be broken. However, you’ll find with each of the following stunts, these record breakers have pushed themselves to the limits and have performed some peculiar feats to get their names into the history books.

I’ll begin this list of odd car world records with the longest ever car. The 100ft long 26 wheeled limousine was designed by Jay Ohrberg in California to use in films and on displays. The limo is longer than an NBA basketball court, which is 94ft in length! Not to mention the car also features a swimming pool and a king-sized waterbed. No big deal…

Ajit Kumar Singh must have been using L’Oreal strengthening shampoo when he broke the world record for the heaviest vehicle pulled by hair. On the 21 September 2010 Ajit pulled a truck weighing in at 9,385kg 55m, a full 50m more that he was required to pull it. He clearly has no problems with spilt ends.

John Evans has managed to break numerous World Record achievements of balance and strength again and again, over many years. One of these accomplishments that still remains unchallenged is when he broke the world record, in December 1999, for balancing a car on his head. The car at the time weighed in at 162kg, which is the equivalent of 25 stones and 7 pounds!

You’ll be forgiven for thinking that the owner of the most expensive ever car to be sold publicly has more money than sense. The Mercedes W196R ‘Silver Arrow’ went under the hammer for £17,801,128 at Bonham’s at the 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed. To put this huge sum into perspective, the average price of a house in the UK is £250,000.

From the most expensive car to the most expensive car registration made up of a single digit. The number ‘1’ registration plate was sold for £7.2 million during a special number-plate auction organised by the Emirates Auction Company in United Arab Emirates in February 2008. That’s a costly plate.

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