Maintenance tips to get the most from your car

When you have a car you love, you want to get the most amount of time out of it, as well as the best mileage possible. However, getting your car to last you into the 200,000+ miles bracket takes a great deal of care and attention. Here are just some of the ways you can keep your car going for years to come.

1. Put aside a few minutes a week to check under the bonnet

Many people forget to take a quick look under the bonnet every now and then, however it can make the world of difference to the longevity of your car. Even if you aren’t too confident with what’s what, checking the basics such as fluid levels, signs of deterioration of belts and checking hoses can all go a long way in preventing damage to your vehicle.

2. Change your oil and filter

Changing the oil and filter in your car every year or every 10,000 miles (whichever comes first) can extend the lifetime of your engine massively. The oil filter cleans the oil as it passes through, preventing any abrasive contaminants from damaging the parts in the engine, so changing it regularly is vital for extending the lifetime of your car.

3. Wash your car regularly

Cleaning your car regularly allows you to look out for any scratches or damage to your bodywork, meaning you can get it fixed promptly before it causes any further problems, such as rusting. Here at the Bodyshop, Essex, our technicians are highly trained in paintless dent removal, meaning they can repair minor dents and dings quickly and efficiently.

4. When your car starts to make a funny noise, don’t ignore it!

Turning up the radio to mask the squeaking sound coming from your car won’t make it go away! Always get funny noises checked over by your local garage as, although it could be something minor, it could also be something much more serious that requires immediate attention for your safety.

If you’re looking to get regular servicing or insurance repairs from a reputable Essex garage, get in touch with the Bodyshop, Ilford.

As well as general car repairs, we also specialise in insurance repairsBodyshop Garage Essex and private repairs, meaning we can get you back on the road as soon as possible. Call us on 020 8500 9228 for a free quote!

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