Porsche 997 to 911 Sports Porsche Classic

Porsche 996 upgrade to Porsche Classic. As only 250 of these cars were built as a limited edition at £154.000, the likelihood of seeing one in the “flesh” would be remote to say the least. So in 2011, and working from images we fabricated the “Ducktail” bootlid,the front and rear bumpers and the swaged roofline.As the donor Porsche 996 had a sunroof we replaced it first with a new O:E metal roofskin.

The complete car was stripped down to its basic shell and the preparation procedures began. When the fabricated bumpers,roof and bootdeck were completed ran dry fit to assure a perfect fit, any small alterations were made at this stage. We also added sill panels to match the original car.

The 996/911 Sports Classic was undergoing a complete colour change to the original “Classic Grey”. We always use Hi-Solids paint for its lasting shine and durability, a process that is undertaken in our low bake oven. After baking ,we flat and polished the complete car to a perfect finish before the contrasting grey detailing was added.

The final fitting had arrived which included new LED rear lamps and upgraded headlights. We also refurbished the calipers to yellow as per the genuine article and fitted Fuchs wheels.

We hope you like the transformation.

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