Porsche Carrera 4S accident repair

Porsche accident repair

Rear damaged Porsche

Porsche damaged

The stripping starts

Porsche 911

Rear panel

Carrera S

Quite a hard hit

Damaged Carerra S

Engine bay and inner wing


Chassis rail

Porsche Carrera damaged

A view of the rear panel

Porsche carrera S 911

Porsche in paintshop

Porsche Carrera

Repaired and Painted

As you can see from the images, the Porsche Carrera 4S received heavy impact damage to the rear.

After the Porsche was stripped down we found that the nearside chassis had also been damaged along with the rear panel and adjacent engine bay area. The insurance repairs were authorised by the inspecting engineer and we proceeded by mounting the Porsche onto the jig. Our measuring system reinstated the vehicle back to it’s original specifications ready for the next stage.

New panels were offered up and the damaged inner wing and floor areas were panel beaten back to shape. Next we “dry” fit the new panels before being welded to place. Whilst we had the vehicle the owner decided to have some other private repair work to the offside repaired at the same time. This is a good idea as it proves to be more economical than to have them done seperately and also means the car is off the road for a lesser time.

When the panelwork was completed the Porsche was sent to the prep area before being put into the oven for the paint process to begin. The  repaired areas were primed, baked off and then sanded and masked.

We always use High-Solid materials as this ensures maximum adhesion and less chance of shrinkage. It also provides a high gloss retention and outstanding durability. We always guarantee a paint match so it was no surprise to find the colour was an exact match.

If you have accident damage you are welcome to seek our advise on how best to proceed with a possible claim. We have many years of experience and advice costs nothing. Our estimates are computor generated and approved by all leading insurance companies.

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