Porsche 996 to GT3 RS Conversion

Our latest project was to change this Porsche 996 into a 997 GT3 RS.  Although at first glance the cars look the same, there is a lot of difference. although subtle, 997 is 10cm wider than the 996.This needed to be changed.

Once the vehicle was stripped to it’s bare shell, the work began with the removal of the existing panels. We found that to fit the new rear quarter panels we had to  extend the inner arches by 5 cm to reach the new outer rear wings. The profile of the rear pillars were also altered to join smoothly to the roof. The front wings require infills in each wing as they are also 5cm wider than the original and this also meant we  had to fabricate wing infills to enable the bonnet to close onto the wings apertures. All small points that need to be considered. The joints were  lead filled as to avoid cracking should there be any movement. Further down the line we came across the additional matter of  the doors being hinged differently, so the hinges were relocated and welded to place. A great deal of accuracy is required at this stage otherwise we will have a monumental task in lining up the doors come fittin up time.

The sills sections were extended by approx 15cm to meet up correctly with the bottom of the wings and rear quarter panels before the addition of sill covers.  The rear panel was also changed as it differs to the 996 and a genuine 997 rear panel was fitted to solve the problem. We also had in mind the bootlid. At this stage we did not have one !

The major look factor as far as we were concerned was the eye catching bootlid. We decided that as there was not a quality copy on the market then we would produce one ourselves. The mould was made from scratch with the view that once this was accomplished we could offer copies to the aftermarket customer. The polished alloy uprights were also designed by ourselves and come in two different sizes, one for road use and one for track. We were concerned about the fitting kit and the one we settled for is of a high quality, aviation standard.

The engine bay had strengthening bars bolted into situ. The addition of a lowering kit was decided upon and changed the profile of the car and it appears to hug the ground.

Once the bodywork was finished, the vehicle was put into primer, blocked down by hand and then re-primered for a second time. Once the second primer coat had been baked off we guide coated the car and sanded the primer to a flat, even surface in readiness for the top coat. The choice of colour was Porsche Grey Black / 781. We used a High-Solids clear over base system for maximum durability and gloss retention. We further complimented the colour by painting the wheels and door mirrors to Porsche Red.

Adding attention to detail, the calipers were also removed and sandblasted before also being colour coded. The interior was  retrimmed and racing seats fitted with matching Porsche Red fittings. The rear seating area was removed to enable the fitting of the roll cage, once again colour coded.

The vehicle now looked the part, so we needed the sound to match. The exhaust was changed to a stainless steel twin centre outlet exhaust system which provides the throaty Porsche sound. A K&N filter was supplied to help the engine breath.

Once road tested the vehicle was flat and polished to a high gloss shine. We use a teflon based polish. We have found that  natural wax softens in sunlight and hardens off when cool. When in the softened stage the wax traps tiny particles which remain at the cool stage. When time comes to wash or polish the bodywork, these trapped particles add micro scratches, leaving the paint finish hazy. Our Teflon has been developed to retain a hard, high gloss finish. Finally the decals were the final touch to what we think is an eye catching Porsche.

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