Preparing Your Car for The Summer Sun

Our team of Bodyshop technicians have really enjoyed the last few days of sun; which have brought with it the welcome reminder that summer is on it’s way.

It’s worth taking ten minutes around this time every year to make sure your vehicle is ready for the rising temperatures and is in a suitable condition to endure the heat.

The most important device to cool your car is of course the radiator. It’s important all year round to check the fluid levels in your vehicle are suitable but when it’s warm do check the radiator more regularly as naturally more fluid is used over the summer months in order to cool the engine.

Your tyres will also endure more wear and tear in warm weather so check your tyre pressure often to ensure the psi is correct, as this will avoid more unnecessary deterioration. Psi stands for Pounds per Square inch which is a unit that measures the air pressure include a chamber that contains gas. They can lose around 1psi per month and when checking don’t forget about your spare tyre, you need to be prepared just in case!

Check your air conditioning is working as it should. The most prominent issue is when no cold air flows through the system, indicating a low level of refrigerant at best. At worst, this could be accompanied with dripping from under the front of the vehicle which would signify a leak of refrigerant.

Summer is a time for picnics, day trips and time spent with family and friends so do make sure you carry out the above checks so your fun isn’t ruined by something that could have been avoided! It’s also a good idea to keep emergency water, battery operated fans, a first aid kit and sunscreen in your car just in case.

We hope you have an amazing summer and should you need any help; you know where we are.

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