Repairing plastic car parts at the bodyshop

With drivers rushing around and competing for ever-decreasing car parking spaces, car bumper repairs are becoming more and more common. Bumper scuffs, dents and splits are often repairable with the latest plastic bumper repair kit. 

Many car parts are in fact made from plastic, nowadays, which is why we have state of the art plastic welding equipment and flexible fillers to accommodate this.  Where some of the techniques we use have evolved rapidly over the past few years, repairs that were unheard of 3 years ago are now possible!

If you were unfortunate enough to have clipped your bumper and require a dent repair, the Bodyshop have the ability to heat and reform it back into shape, saving you a great deal of money on new parts. Also we are able to weld and bond parts of your bumper together where it has split down the middle. This latest technology enables us to build up your bumper’s strength and help regain its structure. We will have to remove the partbeforehand though so that we can access it from behind for a sturdier repair.

Naturally, a scratched bumper or a scuff repair is far easier to carry out and can often be completed on the same day. Our technicians will take a close look at the damage and any small lines in the paintwork, which are also known as ‘stress fractures’, will be sanded out fully.

All of our car spraying is usually carried in a low bake oven to achieve the best results, where the environment is controlled and free from any harmful toxins and dust. Painting bumpers this way allows us to build a consistent colour that provides good depth, which also looks even. As a result, we are able to ensure that your bumper repair and its colour last longer.

Audi A4 Bonnet repainted

We aren’t just limited to repairing your car bumper however; with our plastic welding equipment our technicians can also rectify other plastic car parts that have been damaged, including your cracked door mirror. These are fairly common where another cars may have driven into it or you may have opened it onto something else. Similar cost effective techniques used to recover your bumper are used to correct the problem.So next time you require a car bodywork plastic repair, call the bodyshop on 020 8500 for a competitive quote today! We carry out all of our quality repairs with our customer’s best intentions in mind.



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