The Best of British Cars for St George’s Day

As it is St Georges Day, we thought we’d celebrate the best of British cars and manufacturers here at the Bodyshop. In fact, the British automotive industry is currently experiencing a huge boom in sales, with 5 million cars having been exported since 2010 and production expected to break all-time records by 2017! Here are some of Britain’s favourite cars and why we think they’ve made it to the top.

Aston Martin

According to a recent survey, Brits chose the Aston Martin as their most coveted car. Of course, it’s the famous car of choice for James Bond, with the new DB10 model being shown in last year’s box office hit Spectre. Every part of the Aston Martin is designed and built in the UK, apart from the engine, which is made in Cologne.


The MINI is a classic British car, with admirers across the world. The original mini design broke the mould of cars at the time – with its transverse engine, front-wheel-drive and amazingly compact dimensions. It undoubtedly revolutionised the small car and became the best-selling vehicle in British history! Although still built in Oxford, MINI is now owned by BMW in Germany.


The iconic luxury car brand produced by Jaguar Land Rover has been on our roads since 1935. This up-market British car is owned by the likes of the Prime Minister and the Queen. Innovative models over recent years such as the Range Rover Evoque and Jaguar F-Type have allowed the company to maintain its momentum.

Bentley and Rolls Royce

Bentley is a highly popular premium brand, inseparably associated with luxury. After the Great Depression of 1929, Bentley had some financial troubles however it regained momentum after Rolls Royce acquired its assets. Collectively they are now Britain’s best-known luxury car producers, both created by motoring pioneers, driven by the passion for cars and engineering.

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